Jackabee is an Irish Sports Horse and was sourced in the UK as a recently backed 5 year old.
As a 6 year old Jackabee qualified for the 6 year old Young Horse Championships finishing 11th the final. and qualified for the novice regional championships.
As a 7 year old he won his first intermediate and qualified for both the novice and the intermediate National Championships and up graded to advanced level.
As an 8 year old Jackabee won his first CIC **, he was 13th at the Intermediate Championships at Gatcombe and was 8th in his first CCI** finishing on his dressage score.  He finished the season with 9th at another CIC**.
As a 9 year old Jackabee competed only once after developing an aversion to travelling.
2010 and the travelling issue has been resolved with earmuffs and a travel companion at all times.  This year Jackabee qualified for Gatcombe’s Open national championships next year by finishing 3rd in an advanced section, he completed Blair CIC*** with a double clear and completed Blenheim CCI***.

2011 was a great year with Jackabee helping the Japanese Event team qualify for the Olympics. (The Japanese team beat the Australian team at the Olympic qualifying competition held at Blenheim CCI*** claiming the last remaining place in the team competition)  Jackabee was later confirmed as an Olympic team member.

Jackabee Blenheim 2011(1)

Jackabee Blenheim 2011

Jackabee Gatcomb 2008

Jackabee Blair Castle 2008


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